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Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-14

66 Din-i-Ilahi was accepted by:
A Tansen
B Todarmol
C Birbal
D Raja Mansingh

Answer: Option [C]

Din-i-Ilahi was accepted by Birbal. By the end of Akbar's reign, local folk tales emerged involving Birbal's interactions with Akbar, portraying him as being extremely clever and witty. He was the only Hindu to adopt Din-i Ilahi, the religion founded by Akbar.

67 Which Rajput mansabdar revolted against Aurangzeb ?
A Surajmal
B Uday Singh
C Jai Singh
D Durgadas Rathore

Answer: Option [D]

Durgadas Rathore revolted against Aurangzeb. Durgadas Rathore was the Rathore Rajput General of Kingdom of Marwar.

68 The Maratha power reached the Zenith of its glory during the reign of:
A Baji Rao I
B Shivaji
C Balaji Baji Rao
D Balaji Vishwanath

Answer: Option [C]

The Maratha power reached the Zenith of its glory during the reign of Balaji Baji Rao. Balajirao Bhat, also known as Nana Saheb, was the 8th Peshwa of the Maratha Empire in India. He was appointed as Peshwa in 1740 upon the death of his illustrious father, the Peshwa Bajirao I.

69 ‘Hindustan is a country of few charms. Its people have no good looks......’ Which Mughal king had recorded this in his memoirs ?
A Babar
B Humayun
C Shahjahan
D Akbar

Answer: Option [A]

Babur was appointed governor of Fergana when he only 10 years old and he began maintaining his diary from that time onwards. He made his last entry on December 26, 1530, on the day he died. Babur has recorded his observations about India which he refers to as Hindustan.

70 Which Mughal king tried to stop the practice of sati ?
A Aurangzeb
B Shahjahan
C Akbar
D Humayun

Answer: Option [C]

Mughal emperor Akbar is against sati. He had allowed Sati to take place only if the wife willingly wanted to follow it. But many times woman were forced to commit Sati or pushed into funeral pyre by her own relatives and this was against the law. Akbar banned “forced” Sati after the incident with his wife's cousin Rani Damayenti.

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