Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-10

46 Babar came to India originally from :
A Seistan
B Khorasan
C khiva
D Ferghana

Answer: Option [D]
47 Who among the following was not a painter in the Mughal period ?
A Abdus Samad
B Baz Bahadur
C Bishan Das
D Mir Sayyid Ali

Answer: Option [B]
48 During the reign of which of the following emperors was the artillery most perfect and numerous ?
A Shahjahan
B Jahangir
C Aurangzeb
D Akbar

Answer: Option [C]
49 The designation ‘Amil’ in Akbar’s time meant:
A revenue officer
B sacred book
C custom officer
D sacred law

Answer: Option [A]
50 Upanishads were translated into Persian during the reign of:
A Akbar
B Jahangir
C Aurangzeb
D Shahjahan

Answer: Option [D]

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