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Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-10

46 Babar came to India originally from :
A Seistan
B Khorasan
C khiva
D Ferghana

Answer: Option [D]

Babar came to India originally from Ferghana. Babar fought three important battles in India viz, the battles of Panipat, Khanwa and Ghaghara and won all of them. He came to India from Ferghana to fight Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat and establish his rule in India.

47 Who among the following was not a painter in the Mughal period ?
A Abdus Samad
B Baz Bahadur
C Bishan Das
D Mir Sayyid Ali

Answer: Option [B]

Bayazid Baz Bahadur Khan was the last Sultan of Malwa Sultanate, who reigned from 1555 to 1562. He succeeded his father, Shuja'at Khan.



48 During the reign of which of the following emperors was the artillery most perfect and numerous ?
A Shahjahan
B Jahangir
C Aurangzeb
D Akbar

Answer: Option [C]

Aurangzeb was the sixth emperor of the Mughal Empire, ruling from July 1658 until his death in 1707.

49 The designation ‘Amil’ in Akbar’s time meant:
A revenue officer
B sacred book
C custom officer
D sacred law

Answer: Option [A]

Amil Guzar were the revenue collectors they supervised the revenue administration and had to protect the peasantry from fraudulent robbers and miscreants.

50 Upanishads were translated into Persian during the reign of:
A Akbar
B Jahangir
C Aurangzeb
D Shahjahan

Answer: Option [D]

Upanishads were translated into Persian during the reign of Shahjahan. Dara Shikoh, was the eldest son fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and the brother of Aurangzeb. Sirr-e-Akbar is his translation of the Upanishads in Persian. His other famous work includes Majma-ul-Bahrain which was devoted to a revelation of the mystical affinities between Sufic and Vedantic speculation.

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