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Chemistry - General Science MCQs for Competitive Exams | Page-10

91 Hydrogen gas is not found in atmosphere due to
A It is highly inflammable
B It is the lightest gas
C It is absorbed by plants
D It immediately combines with oxygen to form water

Answer: Option [B]
92 By-product obtained by soap industry is
A Glycerol
B Naphthalene
C Caustic soda
D Caustic potash

Answer: Option [A]


93 The acid used in a lead storage battery is
A Nitric acid
B Phosphoric acid
C Sulphuric acid
D Hydrochloric acid

Answer: Option [C]
94 Petroleum is a mixture of
A Salts
B Polymer
C Elements
D Hydrocarbon

Answer: Option [D]
95 Smoke is formed due to
A Solid dispersed in gas
B Gas dispersed in gas
C Gas dispersed in solid
D Solid dispersed in liquid

Answer: Option [A]
96 The chemical name of ‘common salt’ is
A calcium chloride
B ammonium chloride
C sodium nitrate
D sodium chloride

Answer: Option [D]
97 Fertiliser having high Nitrogen content is:
A Urea
B Calcium citrate
C Ammonium nitrate
D Ammonium sulphate

Answer: Option [C]
98 An atomic pile is used for
A producing X-ray
B conducting nuclear fission
C accelerating atoms
D conducting thermonuclear fusion

Answer: Option [B]
99 Sea water can be purified by the process of
A Evaporation
B Filtration
C Distillation
D Fractional distillation

Answer: Option [C]
100 The amount of chlorine available in water after disinfection is called as
A Free chlorine
B Residual chlorine
C Free available chlorine
D Combined available chlorine

Answer: Option [B]


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