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Chemistry - General Science MCQs for Competitive Exams | Page-9

81 Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
A hydrogen
B nitric oxide
C carbon dioxide
D chlorofluorocarbon

Answer: Option [A]
82 The process of removing calcium and magnesium from hard water is known as
A Filtration
B Flocculation
C Sedimentation
D Water softening

Answer: Option [D]


83 Humberger effect is otherwise known as –
A Sodium pump
B Choloride shift
C Respiratory product
D Anaerobic metabolism

Answer: Option [B]
84 Which of the following chemical materials is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer
A Nitrous oxide
B Sulphur dioxide
C Carbon dioxide
D Chlorofluorocarbon

Answer: Option [D]
85 The gas used for artificial fruit ripening is
A Ethylene
B Ethane
C Methane
D Acetylene

Answer: Option [A]
86 The metallic constituents of hard water are
A Magnesium, tin and iron
B Calcium, magnesium and iron
C Iron, tin and calcium
D Magnesium, calcium and tin

Answer: Option [B]
87 Which of the following is used as filler in type of rubber
A Coal
B Coke
C Graphite
D Carbon black

Answer: Option [D]
88 The advantage of detergents over soaps is
A Detergents are soluble in water
B Detergents could not give much lather
C Detergents give lather even with hard water
D Soaps give lather with only soft water

Answer: Option [C]
89 Which variety of coal contains recognizable traces of the original plant material
A Peat
B Lignite
C Bitumen
D Anthracite

Answer: Option [A]
90 Which of the following pairs of materials serves as electrodes in chargeable batteries commonly in devices such as torch, electric shavers etc.?
A Zinc and carbon
B Lead peroxide and lead
C Nickel and cadmium
D Iron and cadmium

Answer: Option [C]


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