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Chemistry - General Science MCQs for Competitive Exams | Page-8

71 The isotope of Uranium used in atomic reactors is
A U235
B U236
C U237
D U232

Answer: Option [A]
72 Ethanol containing 5% of water is called
A Power alcohol
B Methylated alcohol
C Denatured spirit
D Rectified spirit

Answer: Option [D]


73 Nuclear energy is a mineral based energy source. It is derived from
A Plutonium
B Thorium
C Uranium
D All of the above

Answer: Option [C]
74 Zinc sulphide is commonly used as
A Deodorant
B Rodenticide
C Herbicide
D Fungicide

Answer: Option [B]
75 Helium gas is used in gas balloons instead of hydrogen gas because of
A More stable
B Lighter than hydrogen
C Non combustible
D More abundant than hydrogen

Answer: Option [C]
76 Gunpowder consists of a mixture of
A Sand and TNT
B TNT and charcoal
C Sulphur, sand and charcoal
D Nitre, sulphur and charcoal

Answer: Option [D]
77 Carbon monoxide is an inflammable gas. which of the following is also inflammable
A Hydrogen
B Oxygen
C Helium
D Nitrogen

Answer: Option [A]
78 One of the constituents of tear gas is
A ether
B ethane
C ethanol
D chloropicrin

Answer: Option [D]
79 Silver halide is used in photographic plates because they are
A oxidized in air
B reduced in light
C totally colourless
D soluble in hyposolution

Answer: Option [B]
80 Which one of the following is extensively used for sterilizing water
A Alum
B Soda powder
C Borax powder
D Bleaching powder

Answer: Option [D]


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