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Chemistry - General Science MCQs for Competitive Exams | Page-5

41 Silk fiber chemically is:
A Fat
B Protein
C Cellulose
D Carbohydrate

Answer: Option [B]
42 Formation of ozone hole is maximum over
A India
B Africa
C Europe
D Antarctica

Answer: Option [D]
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43 Global warming is mainly due to accumulation of
A Carbon monoxide
B Carbon dioxide
C Oxide of sulphur
D Oxides of nitrogen

Answer: Option [B]
44 Baryllium Sulphate is less soluble in water due to
A Ionic bond
B low inflammable energy
C high inflammable energy
D low energy of dissociation

Answer: Option [C]
45 Diamond is harder than graphite because of
A Difference of layers of atom
B Tetrahedral structure of diamond
C Difference of crystalline structures
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]
46 What is the chemical name for ‘baking soda’
A Sodium nitrate
B Sodium nitrite
C Sodium carbonate
D Sodium bicarbonate

Answer: Option [D]
47 PVC is obtained by the polymerization of
A Styrene
B Propane
C Acetylene
D Vinyl chloride

Answer: Option [D]
48 The polymerization of which of the following is used in manufacturing of polythene in industry?
A Ethylene
B Acetylene
C Styrene
D Methane

Answer: Option [A]
49 Bleaching action of moist sulphur dioxide is because of its
A Reducing power
B Oxidizing power
C Acidic property
D Basic property

Answer: Option [B]
50 In which of the following substance all carbon atoms are quaternary in nature
A Teflon
B Graphite
C Diamond
D Napthaline

Answer: Option [C]


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