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Important Questions & Answers on Philosophy Optional Paper for APSC(Assam Public Service Commission) Prelims | GkSeries

1 Who called himself "a lover of wisdom"?
1 Plato
2 Aristotle
3 Socrates
4 Parmenides

Answer: Socrates
2 Metaphysics as a branch of philosophy studies the nature of
1 knowledge
2 value
3 self
4 reality

Answer: reality


3 The dialectical method offers an important place in the philosophy of
1 Locke
2 Aristotle
3 Hegel
4 Descartes

Answer: Hegel
4 Kant's philosophical method is known " as
1 mathematical method
2 transcendental method
3 geometrical method
4 intuitive method

Answer: transcendental method
5 According to empiricism, knowledge is
1 a posteriori
2 a priori
3 Both a priori and a posteriori
4 Neither a priori nor a posteriori

Answer: a posteriori
6 John Locke supports the
1 coherence theory
2 pragmatic theory
3 correspondence theory
4 self-evidence theory

Answer: correspondence theory
7 What is the meaning of 'cogito ergo sum'?
1 I think therefore I exist
2 I exist therefore I think
3 I exist therefore I perceive
4 I perceive therefore I exist

Answer: I think therefore I exist
8 The term 'naive realism' was coined by
1 John Locke
2 Samuel Alexander
3 Durant Drake
4 Will Durant

Answer: Durant Drake
9 Scientific realism is advocated by
1 Berkeley
2 Hume
3 Kant
4 Locke

Answer: Locke
10 In whose philosophy do we find the doctrine of innate ideas?
1 Spinoza
2 Descartes
3 Kant
4 Hegel

Answer: Descartes
11 "Causality is not a necessary relation." Whose view is this?
1 Hume
2 Kant
3 Mill
4 Leibniz

Answer: Hume
12 Which philospher made a distinction between primary and secondary qualities of objects?
1 Leibniz
2 Hegel
3 Berkeley
4 Locke

Answer: Locke
13 Which method is known as triadic method in philosophy?
1 Transcendental method
2 Intuitive method
3 Dialectic method
4 Rational method

Answer: Dialectic method
14 Which of the following books is authored by Berkeley?
1 Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
2 A Treatise of Human Nature
3 Critique of Pure Reason
4 An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Answer: Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
15 According to which theory, ideas represent objects?
1 Naive realism
2 Scientific realism
3 Idealism
4 None of the above

Answer: Scientific realism

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