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Philosophy Optional Subject Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

76 Who regards existence of God as a postulate of morality?
1 Plato
2 Aristotle
3 Kant
4 Hegel

Answer: Kant
77 Which form of idealism is advocated by Berkeley?
1 Transcendental idealism
2 Subjective idealism
3 Absolute idealism
4 Objective idealism

Answer: Subjective idealism


78 Which of the following is not a primary quality according to Locke?
1 Taste
2 Extension
3 Impenetrability
4 Divisibility

Answer: Taste
79 According to whom, all our ideas are innate?
1 Descartes
2 Spinoza
3 Leibniz
4 Kant

Answer: Descartes
80 Which theory believes that mind is not passive in the acquisition of knowledge?
1 Pragmatism
2 Empiricism
3 Rationalism
4 Realism

Answer: Rationalism
81 Who believes that we know only the copy of the external object?
1 Kant
2 Hegel
3 Spinoza
4 Locke

Answer: Locke
82 CELARENT is a valid mood of
1 first figure
2 second figure
3 third figure
4 fourth figure

Answer: first figure
83 The form of inference where we need only two propositions is
1 mediate inference
2 immediate inference
3 syllogism
4 None of the above

Answer: immediate inference
84 Which philosopher used doubt to airrive at the indubitable?
1 Hume
2 Descartes
3 Kant
4 Locke

Answer: Descartes
85 Who is the author of the book, The Story of Philosophy1?
1 Durant Drake
2 Will Durant
3 Hegel
4 Russell

Answer: Will Durant
86 If one premise in a syllogism is negative, then the conclusion is
1 affirmative
2 particular
3 negative
4 universal

Answer: negative
87 Both the subject term and the predicate term are distributed in an
1 'A' proposition
2 'E' proposition
3 'I' proposition
4 'O' proposition

Answer: 'E' proposition
88 Who wrote the book, Primitive Culture?
1 Galloway
2 Martineau
3 Tylor
4 Hoffding

Answer: Tylor
89 Analogy is a kind of inference where we pass from
1 particular to particular
2 particular to general I
3 general to particular
4 general to general

Answer: particular to particular
90 Uncontradicted experience is the ground of
1 induction per simple enumeration
2 scientific induction
3 perfect induction
4 colligation of facts

Answer: induction per simple enumeration
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