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Philosophy Optional Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

91 Which of the following is against the spirit of science?
1 Plurality of causes
2 Law of causation
3 Law of uniformity of nature
4 Law of identity

Answer: Plurality of causes
92 Which of the following is not authored by Descartes?
1 Meditations on the First Philosophy
2 Problems of Philosophy
3 Principles of Philosophy
4 Rules for the Direction of the Mind

Answer: Problems of Philosophy
93 "Quantity of pleasure being equal, pushpin is as good as poetry." Who said this?
1 Mill
2 Epicurus
3 Herbert Spencer
4 Bentham

Answer: Bentham
94 The ground of induction per simple enumeration is
1 law of causation
2 uncontradicted experience
3 resemblance
4 None of the above

Answer: uncontradicted experience
95 Which one is not the cause according to Aristotle?
1 The material cause
2 The non-material cause
3 The formal cause
4 The efficient cause

Answer: The non-material cause
96 Which theory of causation is applicable to Satkaryavada?
1 Satkaryavada
2 Asatkaryavada
3 Parinamvada
4 Vivartavada

Answer: Satkaryavada
97 "The existence of the world is independent of the perceiving mind" is advocated by
1 realism
2 idealism
3 transcendentalism
4 None of the above

Answer: realism
98 Find out the correct statement :
1 According to Hume, "Esse est percipi"
2 According to solipsism, "I and my ideas are real"
3 According to Berkeley, "All objects are real"
4 According to Kant, "Sense experience is the only source of knowledge"

Answer: According to solipsism, "I and my ideas are real"
99 The Samkhya philosophy is
1 monistic
2 dualistic
3 pluralistic
4 materialistic

Answer: dualistic
100 Hobbes, Locke and Rosseau are the supporters of
1 organic theory
2 social contract theory
3 group mind theory
4 collective theory

Answer: social contract theory

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