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Objective Questions & Answers for APSC Philosophy Examination | GkSeries

16 "Things cannot exist without mind to perceive them." Whose view is this?
1 Kant
2 Hegel
3 Locke
4 Berkeley

Answer: Berkeley
17 Who said, "The real is rational and the rational is real"?
1 Leibniz
2 Hegel
3 Plato
4 Aristotle

Answer: Hegel
18 Who said, "Substance is an idle figment of imagination"?
1 Hume
2 Locke
3 Berkeley
4 Kant

Answer: Hume
19 Which proof for existence of God argues from the idea of God to existence?
1 Cosmological proof
2 Ontological proof
3 Teleological proof
4 None of the above

Answer: Ontological proof
20 "The external world exists independently of the knowing mind" is according to
1 phenomenalism
2 idealism
3 realism
4 pragmatism

Answer: realism
21 According to whom, clearness and distinctness form the criterion of certainty of knowledge?
1 Hume
2 Hegel
3 Kant
4 Descartes

Answer: Descartes
22 The branch of philosophy which deals with the nature and criterion of value is called
1 ontology
2 ethics
3 axiology
4 religion

Answer: axiology
23 The chief supporter of the ontological argument of God is
1 St. Augustine
2 St. Anselm
3 St. Thomas Aquinas
4 Aristotole

Answer: St. Anselm
24 Who among the following can be regarded as a consistent empiricist?
1 Berkeley
2 Hobbes
3 Bacon
4 Hume

Answer: Hume
25 How many principles are there in the Samkhya theory of evolution?
1 24
2 23
3 26
4 25

Answer: 25
26 Samkhya theory of causation is known as
1 Asatkaryavada
2 Asatkaranavada
3 Satkaryavada
4 Satkaranavada

Answer: Satkaryavada
27 The effect is potentially contained in the cause. This is an example of
1 Satkaryavada
2 Asatkaryavada
3 Pratityasamutpada
4 Adrstavada

Answer: Satkaryavada
28 Which of the following statements is not true?
1 Purusa is the conscious principle
2 Purusa is inactive
3 Purusa is actively involved in the process of evolution
4 There are many Purusas

Answer: Purusa is actively involved in the process of evolution
29 "A is not A" is the statement of
1 law of identity
2 law of contradiction
3 law of excluded middle
4 law of sufficient reason

Answer: law of contradiction
30 In traditional analysis, propositions are classified into
1 four types
2 three types
3 sue types
4 five types

Answer: four types

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