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Philosophy Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams SSC UPSC Railways | GkSeries

46 The word 'hedone' means
1 goodwill
2 pleasure
3 pain
4 duty

Answer: pleasure
47 Rigorism as an ethical theory is related to
1 Aristotle
2 Spinoza
3 Mill
4 Kant

Answer: Kant


48 "Eyelids get shut in sudden bright light." This is a
1 non-moral action
2 voluntary action
3 moral action
4 habitual action

Answer: non-moral action
49 Categorical imperative refers to the concept of
1 selfless action
2 love for humanity
3 duty for duty's sake
4 knowledge is virtue

Answer: duty for duty's sake
50 Quantitative utilitarianism is advocated by
1 Mill
2 Locke
3 Epicurus
4 Bentham

Answer: Bentham
51 The standard of moral judgement according to hedonism is
1 duty
2 perfection
3 pleasure
4 self-realization

Answer: pleasure
52 "The wrongdoers deserve to be punished" is in the view of
1 retributive theory of punishment
2 reformative theory of punishment
3 preventive theory of punishment
4 progressive theory of punishment

Answer: retributive theory of punishment
53 Who compares the relationship of society and individual with the relationship of body and its parts?
1 Herbert Spencer
2 Plato
3 Aristotle
4 Henry Maine

Answer: Herbert Spencer
54 Of all social structures the smallest one is
1 community
2 tribe
3 family
4 None of the above

Answer: family
55 The two main elements of social philosophy are
1 family and individual
2 individual and society
3 society and family
4 social organization and family

Answer: individual and society
56 Who said, "Society is about a balance between rights and responsibilities"?
1 Maclver
2 Kant
3 Locke
4 Hobbes

Answer: Kant
57 Who wrote, Two Treatises on Civil Government?
1 Rousseau
2 Herbert Spencer
3 Locke
4 Hobbes

Answer: Locke
58 The first religion to proclaim the way of redemption to all men is
1 Christianity
2 Buddhism
3 Hinduism
4 Islam

Answer: Buddhism
59 "The essence of religion consists in an absolute dependence on God." Who said this?
1 Schleirmacher
2 Marett
3 Durkheim
4 Bcrgson

Answer: value judgement
60 Tabu is the supernatural in its
1 positive aspect
2 negative aspect
3 all pervading aspects
4 indeterminate

Answer: negative aspect
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