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Objective Questions & Answers for APSC Political Science Examination | GkSeries

16 The term ‘Polis’ refers to
1 city-state
2 federal state
3 nation-state
4 welfare state

Answer: city-state
17 Who said, ‘Political Science begins and ends with the state’’?
1 John Seeley
2 Garner
3 David Easton
4 Lord Acton

Answer: Garner
18 Who advocated the concept of General Will?
1 Hobbers
2 Locke
3 Rousseau
4 Voltaire

Answer: Rousseau
19 Who authored Leviathan?
1 Thomas Hobbes
2 Thomas Hill Green
3 Lenin
4 Karl Marx

Answer: Thomas Hobbes
20 “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains” is the statement made by
1 Karl Marx
2 J.S. Mill
3 Hegel
4 Rousseau

Answer: Rousseau
21 Who consider the state a ‘necessary evil’?
1 Advocates of welfare state
2 Syndicalists
3 Individualists
4 Collectivists

Answer: Individualists
22 Which of the following factors, according to the evolutionary theory, is most important in the origin and development of modern state?
1 Religion
2 Force
3 Political consciousness
4 Economic needs

Answer: Political consciousness
23 “Will, not force is the basis of the state” is said by
1 J. S. Mill
2 James Mill
3 T. H. Green
4 Lincoln

Answer: T. H. Green
24 Who among the following is not the supporter of positive liberalism?
1 T.H. Green
2 Maclver
3 Herbert Spencer
4 L.T. Hobhouse

Answer: Herbert Spencer
25 Who coined the term ‘possessive individualism’?
1 C.B. Macpherson
2 G.W.F. Hegel
3 Ralph Miliband
4 Max Weber

Answer: C.B. Macpherson
26 Who said, “Man is by nature a political animal”?
1 Plato
2 Nosick
3 Aristotle
4 Socrates

Answer: Aristotle
27 Which of the following countries is known for the practice of direct democracy?
1 UK
3 Switzerland
4 France

Answer: Switzerland
28 Which of the following is not a condition for success of democracy?
1 Universal education
2 Wealth
3 Strong public opinion
4 Political Intelligence

Answer: Wealth
29 Who is the chief exponent of the monistic theory of sovereignty?
1 John Austin
2 Duguit
3 Krabbe
4 Cole

Answer: John Austin
30 The law relating to private rights of individuals and disputes between them is called-law.
1 natural
2 civil
3 political
4 economic


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