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Political Science Optional Subject Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

76 In America, the minimum qualifying voting age is
1 16 years
2 18 years
3 20 years
4 21 years

Answer:18 years
77 Meghalaya was carved out of Assam in
1 1970
2 1971
3 1972
4 1973

Answer: 1972
78 The Election Commission of India was set up in
1 1950
2 1951
3 1952
4 1953

Answer: 1950
79 India had undertaken first nuclear explosion in the year
1 1974
2 1975
3 1976
4 1977

Answer: 1974
80 In which year was the membership of the Security Council increased from 11 to 15?
1 1963
2 1964
3 1965
4 1966

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
81 Which of the following is not a prerequisite of parliamentary government?
1 Presence of a titular head
2 Clear and stable majority in the legislature
3 Secrecy among the members of the Cabinet
4 Absence of opposition

Answer: Absence of opposition
82 Which of the following is not a merit of parliamentary government?
1 It is weak in the time of war
2 Responsibility of the government is continuous and immediate
3 It is highly educative
4 The interest of the public in politics is maintained

Answer: It is weak in the time of war
83 Which of the following is not feature of welfare state?
1 State must promote interest of the society
2 State should protect the health of the people and promote their economic security
3 State should try remove illiteracy
4 The legislature can dissolve the ministry by passing no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha

Answer: State should only perform police function
84 “Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign” Who said this?
1 J. S. Mill
2 Adam Smith
3 Bentham
4 John Locke

Answer: J. S. Mill
85 Who among the following scholars was not an exponent ‘laissez-faire’ individualism?
1 J.S. Mill
2 Herbert Spencer
3 Bentham
4 Aristotle

Answer: Aristotle
86 Who among the following scholars opined that society is governed by the principal of ‘survival of the fittest’?
1 H. Spencer
2 T. Paine
3 Bentham
4 Adam Smith

Answer: H. Spencer
87 The State in Theory and Practice was written by
1 T.H. Green
2 Laski
3 J.S Mill
4 Maclver

Answer: Laski
88 Which of the following is not a feature of federal government?
1 All the powers are vested in the hands of one authority
2 In a federation ,there is the supremacy of the Constitution
3 There is a strong desire on the part of the units to maintain their separate entity
4 It demands a written Constitution

Answer: All the powers are vested in the hands of one authority
89 Who was an Idealist?
1 Plato
2 Aristotle
3 Locke
4 Bentham

Answer: Plato
90 Who among the following is not a supporter of ‘analytical school’ of law?
1 H. Maine
2 Austin
3 Bentham
4 Hobbes

Answer: H. Maine

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