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Objective Questions & Answers for APSC Psychology Examination | GkSeries

16 Who among the following was the first man to describe "null hypothesis?
1 Raymond Dodge
2 Ronald Fisher
3 Hermann Ebbinghaus
4 None of them

Answer: Ronald Fisher
17 Which of the following is the procedure of sampling?
1 Random
2 Stratified random
3 Cluster
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
18 The most widely used measure of central tendency is
1 mean
2 mode
3 median
4 None of the above

Answer: mean
19 The extent to which the test measures what it purports to measure is called
1 reliability
2 validity
3 standardization
4 norms

Answer: validity
20 Which of the following is calculated when a quick and tentative measure of central tendency is required?
1 Mean
2 Mode
3 Median
4 Frequency

Answer: Mode
21 What is considered to be the centre for basic life support, breathing, heartbeat, walking and sleeping?
1 Brain stem
2 Pons
3 Neuron
4 Skeleton

Answer: Brain stem
22 One of the smallest structures in the brain which plays a vital role in our behaviour is
1 amygdala
2 hippocampus
3 hypothalamus
4 thalamus

Answer: hypothalamus
23 Which one of the following lobes is involved in motor control and cognitive activities?
1 Parietal
2 Frontal
3 Occipital
4 Temporal

Answer: Frontal
24 Which of the following is the part of a neuron?
1 Axon
2 Dendrite
3 Cell body
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
25 Which one of the following is the largest part of the hindbrain?
1 Medulla
2 Pons
3 Cerebellum
4 Cerebrum

Answer: Cerebellum
26 Which of the following is the example of duct glands?
1 Tear gland
2 Salivary gland
3 Elimination gland
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
27 Which of the following is usually known as *relay station?
1 Thalamus
2 Hypothalamus
3 Cerebrum
4 Occipital

Answer: Thalamus
28 Which of the following hormones controls metabolic rate or the ability of the body to adjust to temperature changes?
1 Somatotropic
2 Adrenocorticotropic
3 Thyrotropin
4 Vasopressin

Answer: Thyrotropin
29 A record of the slowly changing electrical activity of millions of nerve cells, all functioning at the same time, in the brain is
1 CT scanning
3 EEG or Electroencephalogram
4 MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Answer: EEG or Electroencephalogram
30 How many pairs of chromosome do most of the cells in our body contain?
1 21
2 23
3 25
4 28

Answer: 23

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