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Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on APSC Psychology Optional | GkSeries

31 The number of stages of psychosocial development, as described by Erikson, is
1 five
2 eight
3 seven
4 nine

Answer: eight
32 The course of development in man as in other organisms is shaped by
1 maturation
2 learning
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 None of the above

Answer: Both (A) and (B)
33 Which of the following is a stage of psychosocial development?
1 Anal
2 Talent
3 Sensorimotor
4 Trust and mistrust

Answer: Trust and mistrust
34 Trust and mistrust
3 chromosome
4 sperm cell

Answer: DNA
35 Which of the following is the relationship of genes to chromosomes?
1 They are the same thing
2 There are about 46 genes per chromosome
3 There are about 20000 genes per chromosome
4 There are billions of chromosome per gene

Answer: There are billions of chromosome per gene
36 Which of the following activities prepares the child for walking, which occurs in the same order in most children?
1 Rolling over
2 Crawling
3 Puffing up to standing position
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
37 The study of the inheritance of physical and psychological characteristics from ancestors is referred to as
1 genetics
2 biopsychology
3 chromosome
4 None of the above

Answer: genetics
38 Most body cells are reproduced by a process, called
1 meiosis
2 mitosis
3 nucleic
4 None of the above

Answer: mitosis
39 Which of the following refers to the environmental influence on a developing individual?
1 Nature
2 Nurture
3 Evolution
4 None of the above

Answer: Nurture
40 The qualitative change that begins at conception and continue through the life span is called
1 growth
2 maturation
3 development
4 evolution

Answer: development
41 We come in contact with the physical world outside through our
1 sensations
2 sense organs
3 photoreceptors
4 attention process

Answer: sense organs
42 Developmental changes that occur across all stages of life is emphasized by
1 life span approach
2 cognitive approach
3 genetics
4 ecology

Answer: life span approach
43 One of the most important structure in the human eye is
1 retina
2 cornea
3 lens
4 fovea

Answer: retina
44 The phenomenon of constancy is found in the perception of
1 size
2 shape
3 colour
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
45 Misperceptions resulting from misinterpretation of information received by our sensory organs are known as
1 delusion
2 hallucination
3 illusion
4 None of the above

Answer: illusion

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