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Psychology Optional Subject Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

76 Family is a/an
1 artificial group
2 social group
3 natural group
4 psychological group

Answer: social group
77 The term 'intelligence' refers to individual's ability to
1 understand complex ideas
2 adapt to new environment
3 problem - solving and reasoning
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
78 The study of attitudes and behavioural patterns of a group is called
1 group dynamics
2 group analysis
3 group synthesis
4 None of the above

Answer: group dynamics
79 What is Skinner's ABC of behaviourism?
1 Antecedents-behaviour consequences
2 Attitude-behaviour-conclusion
3 Attitude-behaviour consequences
4 Antecedents-behaviour conditioning

Answer: Antecedents-behaviour consequences
80 What do you mean by kleptomania?
1 Strong desire to steal things
2 To dress like opposite sex
3 Strong desire to drink
4 Desire to set fire

Answer: Strong desire to steal things
81 Alcohol is a
1 stimulant
2 tranquilizer
3 sedative
4 memory booster

Answer: tranquilizer
82 The technique of systematic desensitization is based upon which of the following forms of learning?
1 Operant conditioning
2 Classical conditioning
3 Observational learning
4 Insight learning

Answer: Classical conditioning
83 Reinforces may be
1 positive
2 negative
3 neutral
4 Both A) and (B)

Answer: Both A) and (B)
84 A general term for overall capacity for learning and problem- solving is
1 intelligence
2 decision-making
3 IQ
4 EQ

Answer: intelligence
85 Affect stands for
1 emotional state
2 impact
3 compact
4 All of the above

Answer: emotional state
86 Letting others do the work even when one is a member of the group IS
1 social facilitation
2 social loafing
3 social influence
4 social unfairness

Answer: social loafing
87 A form of social influence involving direct requests from one person to another is
1 obedience
2 compliance
3 facilitation
4 conformity

Answer: compliance
88 Behaviour in which groups work together to attain shared goals is
1 consensus
2 consideration
3 cooperation
4 communal behaviour

Answer: cooperation
89 Ethology studies
1 human genetic behaviour
2 critical periods
3 species-specific behaviour
4 comparative behaviour

Answer: species-specific behaviour
90 An emotion characterized by crying, withdrawal from others and feelings of inadequacy is termed as
1 grief
2 guilt
3 depression
4 apprehension

Answer: depression

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