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General Science Objective Type Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

131 The All India weather report is issued from :
A Dehradum
B Mussoorie
C Pune
D Delhi

Answer: Option [C]
132 Einstein’s formula for mass-energy equivalence is :
A E = (Mc)2
B E = M2c
C E = Mc
D E = Mc2

Answer: Option [D]
133 The proportion of nitrogen in the air is :
A 20% by weight
B 50% by weight
C 70% by weight
D 78% by volume

Answer: Option [A]
134 Which of the following has the maximum specific heat ?
A Acetone
B Alcohol
C Water
D Either

Answer: Option [C]
135 The most abundant gas in the air is:
A Hydrogen
B Nitrogen
C Oxygen
D Carbon-di-oxide

Answer: Option [B]


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