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Biopharmaceuticals - Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

25. The technology used to speed up the testing of compounds from various sources is _______
  • [A] pharmcogenomics
  • [B] high throughput screening
  • [C] clinical trials.
  • [D] pharmco proteomics.

Answer: Option [B]

26. The single nucleotide polymorphism is due to the mutation in _______.
  • [A] 1 gene.
  • [B] 1 intron.
  • [C] 1 base.
  • [D] 1 exon.

Answer: Option [C]

27. The culture used in the streptomycin production is _______.
  • [A] Streptomyces griseus.
  • [B] Streptomyces aureofaciens.
  • [C] Streptomyces rimosus.
  • [D] Streptomyces lividans.

Answer: Option [A]

28. The organism Streptomyces rimosus is used in the production of _______.
  • [A] streptomycin
  • [B] penicillin
  • [C] tetracycline
  • [D] puromycin

Answer: Option [C]

29. The semi-synthetic penicillin include _______.
  • [A] ampicillin
  • [B] oxocillin
  • [C] propicillin
  • [D] all the above.

Answer: Option [D]

30. The ab initio, protein modeling method seek to build _______.
  • [A] 3D structure of a protein.
  • [B] 3D structure of nucleic acid
  • [C] Primary structure of a protein.
  • [D] Secondary structure of a protein

Answer: Option [A]

31. The compound responsible for internal bleeding is _______.
  • [A] naphthalene
  • [B] acetanilide
  • [C] dicoumarol
  • [D] sulfanilamide

Answer: Option [C]

32. Which of the following vitamin is required for the synthesis of prothrombin?
  • [A] vitamin A
  • [B] vitamin C
  • [C] vitamin K.
  • [D] Vitamin E.

Answer: Option [C]

33. Which of the following has antipyretic property?
  • [A] Acetanilide
  • [B] Naphthalene
  • [C] Dicoumarol
  • [D] Sulfanilamide.

Answer: Option [A]

34. Which of the following provides antibacterial activity to prontosil rubrum?
  • [A] Acetanilide
  • [B] Naphthalene
  • [C] Sulfanilamide
  • [D] Dicoumarol

Answer: Option [C]

35. What phenomenon can occur in case of using a combination of drugs?
  • [A] Tolerance
  • [B] Tachyphylaxis
  • [C] Accumulation
  • [D] Synergism

Answer: Option [D]

36. Which of the following factors will affect the solubility of drugs?
  • [A] Polarity
  • [B] Molecular size
  • [C] Polymorphs
  • [D] All of the above

Answer: Option [D]


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