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Biophysics - Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

25. The pH of a solution is determined by
  • [A] concentration of salt
  • [B] relative concentration of acids and bases
  • [C] dielectric constant of the medium
  • [D] environmental effect

Answer: Option [B]

26. Which of the following alcohols would be most soluble in water
  • [A] methanol
  • [B] ethanol
  • [C] butanol
  • [D] octanol

Answer: Option [A]

27. A biological polymer contains alanine, tyrosine, and lysine. Which of the following will be true about this molecule
  • [A] DNA
  • [B] Strong base
  • [C] Phospholipid
  • [D] Protein

Answer: Option [A]

28. The lone pair electrons on oxygen in a H20 molecule
  • [A] carry a partial positive charge
  • [B] are not important for the properties of water
  • [C] carry a partial negative charge
  • [D] form covalent bonds in ice

Answer: Option [C]

29. The strength of an acid depends on
  • [A] number of neutrons gain
  • [B] electronegativity
  • [C] number of double bonds
  • [D] number of protons released

Answer: Option [B]

30. The reason that fats contain more energy than simple sugars, is fats have many more
  • [A] carbon atoms
  • [B] hydrogen atoms
  • [C] covalent bonds
  • [D] hydrogen bonds

Answer: Option [C]

31. Which of the following will easily dissolve in a polar solvent
  • [A] gasoline
  • [B] methane
  • [C] argon
  • [D] sodium chloride

Answer: Option [D]

32. Which of the following is not used for detection in GC
  • [A] Infrared spectroscopy
  • [B] NMR
  • [C] Flame ionisation
  • [D] Electrical conductivity

Answer: Option [B]

33. The GC trace obtained after an experiment is called a
  • [A] chromatograph
  • [B] chromatogram
  • [C] chromatophore
  • [D] graph

Answer: Option [B]

34. What useful information can be found from a Van Deemter plot
  • [A] The selectivity factor
  • [B] Optimum mobile phase flow rate
  • [C] Optimum column temperature
  • [D] Optimum column length

Answer: Option [B]

35. Which of the following gases is unsuitable for use as a GC carrier gas
  • [A] Nitrogen
  • [B] Helium
  • [C] Oxygen
  • [D] Inert

Answer: Option [C]

36. What technique can be used to determine the murderer who left blood with the victim
  • [A] DNA sequencing
  • [B] PCR amplification
  • [C] Western blot
  • [D] RFLP mapping

Answer: Option [B]


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