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Bioprocess Technology - Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

13. Culture containing more than one kind of microorganism is called _______culture.
  • [A] synchronous
  • [B] pure
  • [C] auxenic
  • [D] continuous

Answer: Option [C]

14. Gas transfer calculations are often based on_____________ .
  • [A] one-film theory.
  • [B] three- film theory.
  • [C] two-film theory.
  • [D] four-film theory

Answer: Option [C]

15. Which organism needs a lower concentration of oxygen in their environment for growth?
  • [A] Anaerobe
  • [B] Aerobe
  • [C] Microaerophilic
  • [D] Macroaerophilic

Answer: Option [C]

16. The growth curve obtained for a medium containing two carbon sources is called ____________growth curve.
  • [A] diauxic
  • [B] continuous
  • [C] batch
  • [D] synchronous

Answer: Option [A]

17. The organism that catalyses acetone-butanol fermentation is ________.
  • [A] Acetobacter aceti
  • [B] Penicillium chrysogenum
  • [C] Citrobacter sp
  • [D] Clostridium acetobutylicum.

Answer: Option [D]

18. Which phase of bacterial growth represent the time of adaptation?
  • [A] Lag
  • [B] Log
  • [C] Stationary
  • [D] Death

Answer: Option [A]

19. In ___________ phase, the secondary metabolites are synthesized.
  • [A] exponential
  • [B] acceleration
  • [C] idio
  • [D] death

Answer: Option [C]

20. Which among the following detergent is used for cell disruption?
  • [A] Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • [B] SDS
  • [C] Triton X-100
  • [D] All the above.

Answer: Option [D]

21. A continuous culture in which growth rate is limited by the rate of nutrient supply is called ______
  • [A] turbidostat
  • [B] chemostat
  • [C] autostat
  • [D] none of the above

Answer: Option [B]

22. The transfer of genetic information by direct cell to cell contact is _____
  • [A] conjugation
  • [B] transformation
  • [C] transduction
  • [D] transfection

Answer: Option [A]

23. Which organism can tolerate one environmental condition but still live in another?
  • [A] Aerobes
  • [B] Anaerobes
  • [C] Facultative
  • [D] Endospore producing microbes.

Answer: Option [C]

24. Which among the following represent aerobic process?
  • [A] Trickling filters.
  • [B] Rotating disc contactors.
  • [C] Rotating drums.
  • [D] All the above.

Answer: Option [D]


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