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Bioprocess Technology - Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | GkSeries

49. The valve used to prevent accidental reversal of flow of liquid/gas in a pipe is _______ valve.
  • [A] pressure control.
  • [B] check
  • [C] safety
  • [D] gate

Answer: Option [B]

50. Oxygen solubility________ as the temperature rises.
  • [A] Inceases
  • [B] Not affected.
  • [C] Decreases
  • [D] None

Answer: Option [C]

51. The control system in which a sensor will detect change in output of the controller is proportional to the input signal produced by environmental change is ____ controller.
  • [A] two-position.
  • [B] proportional
  • [C] integral
  • [D] derivative

Answer: Option [B]

52. The controller which serves the rate of change of the error signal and contributes a component of the output signal that is proportional to a derivative of the error signal is _____.
  • [A] proportional
  • [B] ON/OFF.
  • [C] integral
  • [D] derivative

Answer: Option [D]

53. A ________ converts a digital signal from the computer into an electrical voltage.
  • [A] DAC
  • [B] DDC
  • [C] ADC
  • [D] SSC

Answer: Option [A]

54. In which of the following liquid the apparent viscosity decreases with increasing shear rate?
  • [A] Bingham plastic.
  • [B] Pseudoplastic
  • [C] Newtonian liquid.
  • [D] Dilatant liquid.

Answer: Option [B]

55. Which of the following treatments removes phosphates and nitrates from sewage?
  • [A] Primary
  • [B] Secondary
  • [C] Tertiary
  • [D] Digester

Answer: Option [C]

56. Which among the following filter belong to continuous filter?
  • [A] Rotary vacuum.
  • [B] Vertical metal leaf.
  • [C] Plate and frame.
  • [D] Stacked-disc.

Answer: Option [A]

57. The stationary phase material in the column chromatography is also called _____.
  • [A] adsorbent
  • [B] adsorb
  • [C] elute
  • [D] absorbent

Answer: Option [A]

58. Paper chromatography is an example of ________ chromatography.
  • [A] solid-solid
  • [B] liquid-liquid.
  • [C] gas-liquid.
  • [D] solid-liquid

Answer: Option [B]

59. In chromatography, sample components undergo _______ distribution between two phases.
  • [A] equilibrium
  • [B] molecular
  • [C] adsorption
  • [D] absorption

Answer: Option [A]

60. _____ is secreted by Pseudomonas elodea.
  • [A] Pectin
  • [B] Gellan gum.
  • [C] Chitin
  • [D] Carrageenans

Answer: Option [B]


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