Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-21

101 How the name Guwahati has been derived?
A place was famous for betel-nut groves
B place was famous for coconut groves
C place was famous for sugar-cane fields
D place was famous for tea garden

Answer: Option [A]
102 The Posa system referred to
A confronting policy
B repauation policy
C policy of non payment of taxes
D tribal appeasement policy

Answer: Option [D]
103 The name of the Kamrupa ruler who left his seal at Nalanda:
A Ratnapala
B Bhaskarvarman
C Bhagadatta
D Balavarman

Answer: Option [B]
104 Which Ahom king introduced the Posa system?
A Pratap Singha
B Sukapha
C Rudra Singha
D Suhungmung

Answer: Option [A]
105 The Tamralipi in ancient times was famous as
A Grant
B Book
C Boat
D Sea-Port

Answer: Option [D]

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