Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-20

96 Sukumar Barkaith composed Hasti Vidyarnava during the reign of:
A Rajeswar Singha
B Rudra Singha
C Siva Singha
D Gadadhar Singha

Answer: Option [C]
97 What was the usual shape of Koch coins?
A square
B round
C Oval
D Hexagonal

Answer: Option [B]
98 Which Sutiya king built Sadiya?
A Ratnadhiraj
B Garudadhiraj
C Vijayadhiraj
D Vikramdhiraj

Answer: Option [A]
99 Rang-Ghar was built during the reign of Swargadeo ______
A Rudra Singha
B Siva Singha
C Rajeshwar Singha
D Pramatta Singha

Answer: Option [D]
100 The advisory board of Ahom king constituted with how many ministers?
A 2 Ministers
B 3 Ministers
C 4 Ministers
D 5 Ministers

Answer: Option [A]

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