Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-26

126 Who was the first Principal of Cotton College?
A Miles Branson
B Nathan Brown
C William Cotton
D Frederic William Sudmerson

Answer: Option [D]
127 Two Ahom monarchs issued coins in Persian language. One was Rajeswar Singha and the other was?
A Siva Singha
B Suhungmung
C Jayadhwij Singha
D Rudra Singha

Answer: Option [A]
128 Tea was first discovered by
A Mirza Nathan
B Nathan Brown
C Robert
D Captain Welsh

Answer: Option [C]
129 Who was referred to as Dihingia Raja?
A Suhungmung
B Subinpha
C Sudangpha
D Suteupha

Answer: Option [A]
130 Captain Thomas Welsh recorded that the Assam Patra-Mantri was composed of
A Eight ministers
B Six ministers
C Four ministers
D Five minister

Answer: Option [D]

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