Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-23

111 What was the usual shape of the kachari coin?
A Odagonal
B Round
C Hexahonal
D Square

Answer: Option [B]
112 The Chutia kingdom was annexed by the Ahoms during the reign of
A Sukampha
B Sukapha
C Pramatta
D Suhungmung

Answer: Option [D]
113 The last capital of Kachari kings was at
A Mahur
B Khaspur
C Maibong
D Dimapur

Answer: Option [B]
114 The first Moamaria uprising started in the reign of
A Rudra Singha
B Pramattam Singha
C Lakshmi Singha
D Purandar Singha

Answer: Option [C]
115 By what name are the burial mounds of Ahom royalty known?
A Doul
B Kabar
C Moidam
D Smashan

Answer: Option [C]

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