Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-24

116 Two Ahom kings were known as Burah Raja. One was Pratap Singha among the two and the other was?
A Sukapha
B Supinpha
C Rudra Singha
D Gadadhar Singha

Answer: Option [D]
117 Who married Kuranganayani?
A Jayadhwaj Singha
B Rajeswar Singha
C Pratap Singha
D Siva Singha

Answer: Option [B]
118 Which of the following Ahom kings planned an invasion of Bengal?
A Rudra Singha
B Suhungmung
C Gadadhar Singha
D Siva Singha

Answer: Option [A]
119 In which year did the Burmese first invade Assam?
A 1771
B 1717
C 1871
D 1817

Answer: Option [D]
120 In which year the treaty of Yandaboo was signed?
A 1826, 24th Feb.
B 1857
C 1885
D 1824

Answer: Option [A]

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