Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-25

121 Which king conducted the first organised population census in Assam?
A Suhungmung
B Sukapha
C Rudra Singha
D Sukampha

Answer: Option [A]
122 Who was Bisa Nong?
A A Mughal Chief
B A Naga Chief
C A Singphou Chief
D A Kachari Chief

Answer: Option [C]
123 Which of the following invited the Burmese to Assam?
A Peoli Phukan
B Badan Chnadra Barphukan
C Lalok Sola
D Moniram Dewan

Answer: Option [B]
124 Gandhiji's first visit to Assam was in the year
A 1826
B 1842
C 1845
D 1921

Answer: Option [D]
125 Who made weaving compulsory during the reign of Ahom king?
A Suhungmung
B Mumai Tamuli
C Rudra Singh
D Aton Burahgoain

Answer: Option [B]

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