Biology - General Awareness Questions and Answers

91 Banding pattern of present man chimpanzee is nearly the same. It indicates that both have
A similar gene pool
B similar number of chromosomes
C evolved from common stock
D developed brain and memory

Answer: Option [C]
92 Chromosomes of all races of human are
A different
B similar
C different in banding only
D similar in banding only

Answer: Option [D]
93 The banding pattern indicates that
A gibbon. chimpanzee, gorillaand human are fundamentally the same
B chromosome material is highly concerned throughout their evolution
C differences in banding pattern is due to inversion, translocation etc.
D All the above

Answer: Option [D]
94 Chromosome were first seen by
A Hofmeister
B Strasburger
C Flemming
D Waldeyer

Answer: Option [A]
95 As per latest information human genome has
A 300000 genes
B 30000 genes
C 3000 genes
D 300 genes

Answer: Option [B]

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