Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-23

111 Which city is referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ ?
A Hyderabad
B Mumbai
C Chennai
D Bangalore

Answer: Option [D]
112 “Slash and Burn agriculture” is the name given to
A shifting cultivation
B mixed farming
C method of potato cultivation
D process of deforestation

Answer: Option [A]
113 Which of the following produces maximum crude petroleum in India at present ?
A Gujarat
B Off-shore Bombay High
C Coastal Tamil Nadu
D Assam

Answer: Option [B]
114 where has the Geological Survey of India located most of India’s Chromite ?
A Singhbhum
B Hubli
C Cuttack
D Manipur

Answer: Option [C]
115 Which of the home of “Alphonso mango” ?
A Vijayawada
B Malda
C Benares
D Ratnagiri

Answer: Option [D]


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