Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-41

201 The area with annual rainfall less than 50 cm in a year is
A Leh in Kashmir
B Konkan Coast
C Meghalaya
D Coromandel coast

Answer: Option [A]
202 What is “NMD”?
A New Monroe Doctrine
B New Monetary Device
C National Meteorological Department
D Space-based anti-ballistic missile system being set up by the US

Answer: Option [D]
203 where is the Forest Research Institute located ?
A Dehradun
B Delhi
C Bhopal
D Lucknow

Answer: Option [A]
204 Which amongst the following States does not cultivate wheat ?
A Karnataka
B West Bengal
C Tamil Nadu
D Maharashtra

Answer: Option [C]
205 Which of the following mountain ranges in India are the oldest ?
A Sahyadri
B Himalayas
C Vindhyas
D Aravalli

Answer: Option [D]

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