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Indian Geography Objective Questions and Answers | page-40

196 Pruning is an essential part in cultivation of:
A Tobacco
B Tea
C Coffee
D Rubber

Answer: Option [B]

Pruning is an essential part in cultivation of Tea. Pruning is the method of cutting branches of the tea bush. This method encourages the growth of tea shoots with softer leaves and keeps the plant about l. 2m high so that the leaves can be picked easily.

197 Which countries are linked by the Khyber Pass ?
A Afghanistan and Pakistan
B Afghanistan and Tajikistan
C India and Pakistan
D India and Afghanistan

Answer: Option [A]

The correct answer is Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (KPEC) connects Pakistan and Afghanistan with Central Asia through the Khyber Pass.

198 ‘Radcliff line’ is boundary line between
A India and Bhutan
B India and Bangladesh
C India and Pakistan
D India and China

Answer: Option [C]

‘Radcliff line’ is boundary line between India and Pakistan. On 17 August 1947, the borderline that separated India from Pakistan, known as the Radcliffe Line was revealed. The Radcliffe line is spread through the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat to the international border in Jammu in Jammu & Kashmir, dividing India and Pakistan into two different countries.

199 In terms of area, which one of the following Indian states has the largest coverage of forests ?
A Odisha
B Arunachal Pradesh
C Chhattisgarh
D Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option [D]

The correct answer is Madhya Pradesh. Area-wise Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest cover in the country followed by Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Maharashtra.

200 Which of these harbours is not a natural harbour ?
A Mumbai
B Chennai
C Paradip
D Cochin

Answer: Option [B]

The correct answer is Chennai. Chennai harbour is one of the most ancient harbour which is situated on easter coast of India. It is not a natural harbour.


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