Mughal Empire - General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam | Page-20

96 The place for Amritsar given by Mughal emperor Akbar to:
A Guru Harakrishan
B Guru Teg Bahadur
C Guru Amar Das
D Guru Ram Das

Answer: Option [D]
97 The loss of Qandhar was a big blow to the Mughal empire from the view point of:
A strategic stronghold
B communication
C natural resources
D buffer territory

Answer: Option [A]
98 Who invented the technique of extracting scent from Rose ?
A Roshan Ara
B Mumtaz Mahal
C Nurjahan
D Maham Anga

Answer: Option [C]
99 Which of the following Rajput dynasties did not surrender to Akbar ?
A Rathor
B Pratihara
C Sisodiya
D Parmar

Answer: Option [B]
100 The first Mughal building to have been built entirely of marble is:
A Humayun’s tomb
B Taj Mahal
C Akbar’s mausoleum
D Itmad-ud-Daula’s tomb

Answer: Option [D]


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