Fundamental Rights - Political Science Objective Questions with Answers | Page-3

21 In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court held that fundamental rights are unamendable ?
A A.K. Gopalan’s case
B Keshvananda Bharti’s case
C M.C. Mehta’s case
D Golak Nath’s case

Answer: Option [B]
22 The chapter on Fundamental Duties includes
A Duty to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired out freedom movement
B Duty to vote in General Election
C Duty to promote the sense of fraternity among the people
D Duty to stick to the political party on whose ticket one contested election

Answer: Option [A]
23 Who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights enumerated in Indian Constitution
A President
B Constitution
C Parliament
D Supreme Court

Answer: Option [D]
24 Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with ‘Fundamental Rights’ ?
A Part I
B Part II
C Part III
D Part IV

Answer: Option [C]
25 Fundamental Rights are not given to
A Aliens
B Bankrupt persons
C Political sufferers
D Persons suffering from incurable diseases

Answer: Option [A]
26 Which one of the following is the guardian of Fundamental Rights ?
A Legislature
B Executive
C Political parties
D Judiciary

Answer: Option [D]
27 Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is available to Indian citizens only ?
A Equality before law
B Protection of life and personal liberty against any action without authority of law
C Protection from discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth
D Freedom of religion

Answer: Option [C]
28 Fundamental Duties were added to the Constitution by
A 24th Amendment
B 39thAmendment
C 42nd Amendment
D 44th Amendment

Answer: Option [C]
29 Fundamental Rights granted to the Indian citizens
A Cannot be suspended
B Can be suspended
C Can never be suspended under any circumstance
D None of the above is correct

Answer: Option [B]
30 Which one of the following Fundamental Rights was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the heart and soul of the Constitution ?
A Right to religion
B Right to property
C Right to education
D Right to constitutional remedies

Answer: Option [D]


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