Fundamental Rights - Political Science Objective Questions with Answers | Page-5

41 A court enforces enjoyment of a Fundamental Right by issuing
A A decree
B A notification
C A writ
D An ordinance

Answer: Option [C]
42 Political Right does not include which of the following ?
A Right to life
B Right to vote
C Right to contest in election
D Right to lodge complaint with executive bodies of the Government

Answer: Option [A]
43 When were the Fundamental Duties of the Indian citizens incorporated in the constitution ?
A 1952
B 1976
C 1979
D 1981

Answer: Option [B]
44 ‘The Right to Public office’ is a
A Political right
B Moral right
C Economic right
D Civil right

Answer: Option [D]
45 Which case is related to Fundamental Right ?
A Sharma vs. Krishna (1959)
B Golakhnath vs. State of Punjab (1967)
C State of Bombay vs. Balsara (1951)
D West Bengal vs. Union of India (1963)

Answer: Option [B]
46 The chief Minister is appointed by
A Governor
B President of India
C President of the Party
D Chief Justice of High Court

Answer: Option [A]
47 The success of democracy depends upon the
A Right to property
B Right to criticise
C Right to personal liberty
D Right to association

Answer: Option [C]
48 Right to Education became a fundamental right on
A March 15, 2010
B April 1, 2010
C July 17, 2010
D October 10, 2010

Answer: Option [B]
49 Which of the following is a political right ?
A Right to Work
B Right to Education
C Right to Vote
D Right to Freedom of Expression

Answer: Option [C]
50 How many Fundamental Rights were granted initially ?
A Four
B Five
C Six
D Seven

Answer: Option [D]
51 Which one of the following is an item included in the list of Fundamental Duties of an Indian citizen in the Constitution ?
A To practice secularism
B To pay all taxes to government regularly and correctly
C To develop scientific temper humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform
D Not to assault any public servant in the (during)performance of his duties

Answer: Option [C]
52 When were the Fundamental Duties incorporated in the Constitution ?
A 1975
B 1976
C 1977
D 1979

Answer: Option [B]
53 Which of the following is not a fundamental right as per the Indian Constitution ?
A Right to Education
B Right to Information
C Right to Speech
D Right to Life

Answer: Option [B]


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