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NCERT - Biotechnology & its Applications Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

1 Who is the father of tissue culture?
1 Bonner
2 Haberlandt
3 Laibach
4 Gautheret

Answer: Haberlandt
2 Hormone pair required for a callus to differentiate are
1 auxin and cytokinin
2 auxin and ethylene
3 auxin and absiccic acid
4 cytokinins and gibberllin

Answer: auxin and cytokinin


3 Cybrids are produced by
1 Fusion of two different nuclei from two different species
2 Fusion of two same nuclei from same species
3 Nucleus of one species but cytoplasm from both the parent species
4 None of the above

Answer: Nucleus of one species but cytoplasm from both the parent species
4 Part of plant used for culturing is called
1 Scion
2 Explant
3 Stock
4 Callus

Answer: Explant
5 To obtain haploid plant, we culture
1 Entire anther
2 Nucleus
3 Embryo
4 Apical bud

Answer: Entire anther
6 Which vector is mostly used in crop improvement?
1 Plasmid
2 Cosmid
3 Phasmid
4 Agrobacterium

Answer: Agrobacterium
7 Golden rice is a transgenic crop of the future with the following improved trait
1 Insect resistance
2 High protein content
3 High vitamin A content
4 High lysine content

Answer: High vitamin A content
8 Maximum application of animal cell culture technology today is in the production of
1 Insulin
2 Interferons
3 Edible proteins
4 Vaccines

Answer: Vaccines
9 Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are
1 Nitrobacter and Azotobacter
2 Rhizobium and Diplococcus
3 Nitrosomonas and Kliebsiella
4 Escherichia and Agrobacterium

Answer: Escherichia and Agrobacterium
10 In order to obtain virus free plants through tissue culture the best method is
1 meristem culture
2 protoplast culture
3 anther culture
4 embryo rescue

Answer: meristem culture
11 Which of the following plant cell will show totipotency?
1 Xylem vessels
2 Sieve tube
3 Meristem
4 Cork cells

Answer: Meristem
12 Growth hormone producing apical dominance is
1 Auxin
2 Gibberellin
3 Ethylene
4 Cytokinin

Answer: Auxin
13 The most widely used chemical for protoplast fusion, as fusogens, is
1 Manitol
2 Sorbitol
3 Mannol
4 Poly ethylene glycol (PEG)

Answer: Poly ethylene glycol (PEG)
14 Synthetic seed is produced by encapsulating somatic embryo with
1 sodium chloride
2 sodium alginate
3 sodium acetate
4 sodium nitrate

Answer: sodium alginate
15 What is true for monoclonal antibodies?
1 These antibodies obtained from one parent and for one antigen
2 These obtained from many parents and for many antigens
3 These obtained from different parents and for one antigen
4 These obtained from one parent and for many antigens

Answer: These obtained from different parents and for one antigen

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