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NCERT - Health and Diseases Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

1 Which person is suffering from disease according to given sentences ?
1 Mahesh walks slowly & become tired
2 There is appearance of scaly lesions on skin of naresh.
3 Paresh is suffering from vomiting
4 All of them suffer from disease

Answer: All of them suffer from disease
2 From which kind of host life cycle of plasmodium passes ?
1 Male of Human & of Anopheles mosquito.
2 Male of Human & Male of Anopheles mosquito
3 Human & Female Anopheles mosquito.
4 Human & Male Anopheles mosquito.

Answer: Human & Male Anopheles mosquito.


3 At Which time interferon is secreted ?
1 When lymphocytes become active
2 When our body cell's are infected by virus then that cell's secret this chemical.
3 When serotonin become active
4 When antibody reacts with antigen in our body.

Answer: When our body cell's are infected by virus then that cell's secret this chemical.
4 Which is the process of biological control,which is for controlling to spread the diseare caused by mosquitoes.?
1 Masquito net
2 Spreading & chemicals
3 Fish like Gambusia
4 Net in doors & windows

Answer: Fish like Gambusia
5 Which one is odd ?
1 Malaria
2 Pneumenia
4 Typhoid

Answer: HIV
6 According to their production which one is odd ?
1 Cannabinoids
2 Marjuana
3 Ganja
4 Charas

Answer: Marjuana
7 Mark odd one ?
1 Mucus
2 Saliva
3 Tears
4 Acid

Answer: Mucus
8 Mark odd one ?
1 Chicken gunia
2 Elephantiasis
3 Diphtheria
4 Malaria

Answer: Diphtheria
9 What is called disease according to Oxford english dictionary ?
1 The bad performance of body or body parts with some particular symptom
2 Body or body's parts that obstructs the functioning of them
3 Any physical or actional change from normal condition
4 Disease spread from one person to another

Answer: Disease spread from one person to another
10 In which disease prepared antibodies are entered ?
1 Chicken pox
2 T.B
3 Cold
4 Rabies

Answer: Rabies
11 Genetic material of virus in macrophege is regenerated in DNA by which enyme ?
1 Transcriptase
2 RNA polymerase
3 Reverse Transcriptasce
4 DNA polymeane

Answer: Reverse Transcriptasce
12 From which plant and from which part of that plant Cocain drug is obtained ?
1 Ergot-fruit
2 Erythroxylum coca-leaf
3 Papaver somniferum-leaf
4 Erythroxylum coca-Flower

Answer: Erythroxylum coca-leaf
13 What is there as a genetic material in HIV in addition to protein layer ?
1 The chains containing DNA
2 One chains containing DNA
3 Two chains containing RNA
4 One chains containing RNA

Answer: One chains containing RNA
14 Which disease is spread by mosquito but does not occurs by virus ?
1 Meningities
2 Dengue fever
3 Yellow fever
4 Filarisis

Answer: Meningities
15 By which AIDS spread ?
1 Bacterium
3 Blood Cancer
4 T-Cell leukemia virus of Human

Answer: T-Cell leukemia virus of Human

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