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NCERT - Biotechnology & its Applications Questions and Answers of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

16 DNA fingerprinting refer to
1 Techniques used for identification of fingerprints of individuals
2 Molecular analysis of profiles of DNA samples
3 Analysis of DNA samples using imprinting devices
4 Techniques used for molecular analysis of different specimens of DNA

Answer: Molecular analysis of profiles of DNA samples
17 A genetically engineered microorganism used successfully in bioremediation of oil spills is a species of
1 Trichoderma
2 Bacillus
3 Xanthomonas
4 Pseudomonas

Answer: Pseudomonas
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18 In order to obtain virus free plants through tissue culture the best method is
1 meristem culture
2 protoplast culture
3 anther culture
4 embryo rescue

Answer: meristem culture
19 The production of secondary metabolites require the use of
1 protoplast
2 meristem
3 auxillary buds
4 cell suspension

Answer: cell suspension
20 DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is used as
1 Gelling agent
2 alkaylating agent
3 Chelating agent
4 Cryoprotectant

Answer: Cryoprotectant
21 Callus is
1 Tissue that forms embryo
2 An insoluble carbohydrate
3 Tissue that grows to form embryoid
4 Un organised actively dividing mass of cells maintained in cultured

Answer: Un organised actively dividing mass of cells maintained in cultured
22 A medium which is composed of chemically defined compound is called
1 Natural media
2 Synthetic media
3 Artificial media
4 None of these

Answer: Synthetic media
23 Somaclonal variations are the ones
1 Caused by mutagens
2 Produce during tissue culture
3 Caused by gamma rays
4 Induced during sexual embryogeny

Answer: Produce during tissue culture
24 The technique of obtaining large number of plantlet by tissue culture method is called
1 Plantlet culture
2 Micropropagation
3 Organ culture
4 Macropropagation

Answer: Micropropagation
25 In tissue culture medium, the embryoids formed from pollen grains is due to
1 Organogenesis
2 Cellular totipotency
3 Double fertilization
4 Test tube culture

Answer: Cellular totipotency
26 Probiotics are
1 cancer inducing microbes
2 safe antibiotics
3 new kind of food allergens
4 live microbial food supplement

Answer: live microbial food supplement
27 First use of pure microbiological process in an industrial procedure was made by Chaim Weizmann in
1 1921
2 1925
3 1917
4 1907

Answer: 1917
28 Interdisciplinary field of biotechnology to address biological problems using computation techniques is known as
1 bioremediation
2 bioleaching
3 bioinformatics
4 biodegradation

Answer: bioinformatics
29 Process of using natural bacteria in mining industry is known as
1 biodegradation
2 biogenomics
3 bioremediation
4 bioleaching

Answer: bioleaching
30 Application of biotechnology procedures in medical processes is classified as
1 white biotechnology
2 red biotechnology
3 blue biotechnology
4 green biotechnology

Answer: red biotechnology


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