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NCERT - Class 12 Biology Questions and Answers from Chapter "Ecosystem" | GkSeries

1 The pyramid of energy in any ecosystem is
1 Always upright
2 May be upright or invented
3 Always inverted
4 None of the above

Answer: Always upright
2 single bacterium in the soil interacts with
1 The water
2 Air
3 Particles of soil around it
4 All of the aboveesert scrub

Answer: All of the aboveesert scrub


3 Hydrarch succession takes place in
1 Dry areas
2 Wetter areas
3 Bare area
4 None of these

Answer: Wetter areas
4 Which one of the following is not a functional unit of an ecosystem?
1 Productivity
2 Stratification
3 Energy flow
4 Decomposition

Answer: Stratification
5 The region of earth, where life exists is known as
1 Atmosphere
2 Biosphere
3 Lithosphere
4 Hydrosphere

Answer: Biosphere
6 Energy flow in ecosystem is
1 Unidirectional
2 Bidirectional
3 Multidirectional
4 None of the above

Answer: Unidirectional
7 Concept of ecological pyramids was proposed by
1 Odum
2 Clements
3 Tansley
4 Charles Elton

Answer: Charles Elton
8 Which of the following statements is correct?
1 Least productive ecosystem is desert and deep lake
2 Sugarcane is the most productive agroecosystem
3 Most productive ecosystem is coral reef
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
9 Quercus species are the dominant component in
1 Tropical rain forests
2 Temperate deciduous forests
3 Alpine forests
4 Scrub forests

Answer: Temperate deciduous forests
10 An ecosystem must have continuous external source of
1 minerals
2 energy
3 food
4 All of the above

Answer: energy
11 The more abundant animals in a desert grassland are
1 Arboreal
2 Diurnal
3 Aquatic
4 Fossorial

Answer: Fossorial
12 The upright pyramid of number is absent in
1 Lake
2 Grassland
3 Pond
4 Forest

Answer: Forest
13 Which one of the following is not a gaseous biogeochemical cycle in ecosystem?
1 Nitrogen cycle
2 Carbon cycle
3 Sulphur cycle
4 Phosphorus cycle

Answer: Sulphur cycle
14 The source of energy in an ecosystem is
2 Sunlight
3 D.N.A
4 R.N.A

Answer: Sunlight
15 In the biosphere energy is received from
1 The Sun
2 The interior of the earth
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Work

Answer: Both (A) and (B)

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