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NCERT - Strategies for Environment & Food Production Questions of Class 12 Biology | GkSeries

1 "Jaya" and "Ratna" developed for green revolution in India are the varieties of
1 Bajra
2 Maize
3 Rice
4 Wheat

Answer: Rice
2 A germplasm collection is a
1 Collection of specimens of all the species of an area in a herbarium or botanical garden
2 Collection of modern varieties of a crop
3 Collection of seeds or pollen of rare and threatened species of a group or area
4 Collection of seeds or pollen of rare and threatened species of a group or area

Answer: Collection of plants or seeds having diverse alleles of all genes in a crop


3 Somaclones are obtained by
1 Genetic engineering
2 Irradiation
3 Plant breeding
4 culture Tissue

Answer: culture Tissue
4 Hybrid vigour is mostly due to
1 Homozygosity of pure characters
2 Superiority of all the genes
3 Heterozygosity
4 Mixing up of cytoplasm of the male with that of female

Answer: Heterozygosity
5 The capacity to generate a whole plant from any cell/explants is called
1 Pluripotency
2 Cell cloning
3 Tissue culture
4 Totipotency

Answer: Totipotency
6 The method of producing thousands of plants through tissue culture is called
1 Micropropagation
2 Somatic hybridization
3 Biofortification
4 Biomagnification

Answer: Micropropagation
7 Desired improved varieties of economically useful crops are raised by
1 Hybridization
2 Mutation
3 Natural selection
4 Biofertilizer

Answer: Hybridization
8 Aims of plant breeding are to produce
1 early maturing varieties
2 high-yielding varieties
3 disease-free varieties
4 all the above

Answer: all the above
9 Main objective of production/use of herbicide resistant Genetically modified crops is to:
1 Reduce herbicide accumulation in food articles for health safety
2 Eliminate weeds from the field without the use of manual labor
3 Eliminate weeds from the field without the use of herbicides
4 Encourage eco-friendly herbicides

Answer: Reduce herbicide accumulation in food articles for health safety
10 Plants having similar genotypes produced by plant breeding are called
1 Autopolyploid
2 Haploid
3 Clone
4 Genome

Answer: Clone
11 Haploid plantlets can be produced by
1 Embryo culture
2 Cotyledon culture
3 Pollen culture
4 Meristem culture

Answer: Pollen culture
12 Necrosis, or death of tissue particularly leaf tissue, is due to the deficiency of
1 N, K, S
2 N, K, Mg and Fe
3 Mn, Zn and Mo
4 Ca, Mg, Cu and K

Answer: Ca, Mg, Cu and K
13 'Himgiri' developed by hybridisation and selection for disease resistance against rust pathogens is a variety of
1 Wheat
2 Chilli
3 Maize
4 Sugarcane

Answer: Wheat
14 Which one of the following is linked to the discovery of Bordeaux mixture as a popular fungicide?
1 Black rust of wheat
2 Bacterial leaf blight of rice
3 Downy mildew of grapes
4 Loose smut of wheat

Answer: Downy mildew of grapes
15 The process to induce mutations artificially through use of chemicals or radiations is called
1 Ethylene
2 Infra Red Radiations
3 Gamma Radiations
4 None of these

Answer: Gamma Radiations

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