Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-29

141 Ahom marriage is known as
A Homa
B Chaklang
C Sayambar
D Gandharva

Answer: Option [B]
142 The title used to address an Ahom king:
A Samrat
B Rajan
C Maharaj
D Swargadeo

Answer: Option [D]
143 Which of the following was known as Bhaganiya Roja?
A Jayadhwaj Singha
B Rudra Singha
C Siva Singha
D Godadhar Singha

Answer: Option [A]
144 Which of the following introduced the Buranji written in Assam?
A The Koch
B The Chutias
C King Sukapha
D The Kacharies

Answer: Option [C]
145 Temple of Jayasagar was built by
A Gadadhar Singha
B Sudangpha
C Pratap Singha
D Rudra Singha

Answer: Option [D]

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