Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-33

161 Which of the following supervised when King Naranarayan reconstructing the temple of Kamakhya?
A Chila Raj
B Gohain Kamal
C Megha Makdum
D Kalapahar

Answer: Option [A]
162 The first known king to the Varmana dynansty was
A Kalyavarman
B Ganapativarman
C Pusyavarman
D Balavarman

Answer: Option [C]
163 During which Ahom ruler was the first emissary the Tripua sent?
A Siva Singha
B Rudra Singha
C Suhungmung
D Rani Phuleswari

Answer: Option [B]
164 Which king performed “Ashwamedha” sacrifice in Kamrupa for the first time?
A Bhaskarvarman
B Ratnapala
C Mahendravarman
D Indrapala

Answer: Option [C]
165 Sonitpur was the capital of
A Narakasur
B Bhaskarvarman
C Bhagadatta
D King Bana

Answer: Option [D]

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