Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-30

146 Who built the stone bridge over the river Namdang?
A Siva Singha
B Gadadhar Singha
C Rudra Singha
D Purandar Singha

Answer: Option [C]
147 Who is/were the prominent leader/leaders of Dandua Droh?
A Maniram Dewan
B Peoli Baruah
C Hara Dutta and Bira Dutta
D None of these

Answer: Option [C]
148 Hadira Chokey is well known because
A near Karimgang
B Barpeta
C At Koch Beha
D At the confluence of the Manasa with the Brahmaputra

Answer: Option [D]
149 Name of the last Chutia king:
A Indrapal
B Nitipal
C Birpal
D Jashpal

Answer: Option [B]
150 Three shaped coins are used in Ahom kingdom. Two of these are round and square. What was the other shape?
A Octagonal
B Traingular
C Hexagonal
D Pentagonal

Answer: Option [A]

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