Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-32

156 The capital of the Salastambha dynasty located at:
A Barngar
B Chandrapur
C Harupeswar
D Pragjyotishpur

Answer: Option [C]
157 The first Assamese monthly issued by the Baptist missionary was
A Abahan
B Orunodoi
C Ramdhenu
D Bahin

Answer: Option [B]
158 Which city called “City of Eastern Astrology”?
A Pragjyotishpur
B Harupeswar
C Sri Duriya
D Tezpur

Answer: Option [A]
159 In ancient Kamrup, “Brahmadeya” land was gifted to
A Gods
B Yogis
C Brahma
D Brahmans

Answer: Option [D]
160 “Kumara Raja” title was given to
A Samudravarman
B Bhaskarvarman
C Pusyavarman
D Harsavardhan

Answer: Option [B]

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