Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-35

171 The European merchant who had extensive salt trade in the Ahom kingdom was
A Daniel Raush
B Robert Clive
C Captain Welsh
D Sudmerson

Answer: Option [A]
172 Hiuen Tsang described in his account that the circumference of Kamrupa was about
A 6,000 li
B 10,000 li
C 15,000 li
D 20,000 li

Answer: Option [B]
173 Who was the British Officer who was beaten to death during the uprising in Assam?
A Lt. Singer
B Lt. Bruce
C Lt. Welsh
D Lt. Brown

Answer: Option [A]
174 Bhaskar-varman attended the great religious council at:
A Taxila
B Sanchi
C Kanauj
D Lahore

Answer: Option [C]
175 Who was the earliest king of Pragjyotisha?
A Mahiranga Danava
B Narakasura
C Bhaskar-varman
D None of these

Answer: Option [A]

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