Assam History - General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Page-34

166 One of the animals was widely used in wars in ancient Assam. It was
A Bull
B Camel
C Horse
D Elephant

Answer: Option [D]
167 Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of the Guwahati University?
A Surya Kr. Bhuyan
B Banikanta Kakati
C Kaliram Medhi
D Krishna Kanta Handique

Answer: Option [D]
168 The tantric text 'Yogini Tantra' is dedicated to the worship of two goddesses. One is Kali and the other is
A Kamakhya
B Durga
C Lakshmi
D Saraswati

Answer: Option [A]
169 Sarbananda Singha was the king of
A The koches
B The Kacharies
C The Morans
D The Mataks

Answer: Option [D]
170 Banasura the king of Sonitpur was a great devotee of god:
A Krishna
B Shiva
C Ganesh
D Brahma

Answer: Option [B]

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