Biogeography - GK Questions and Answers for competitive exams on Geography | page-22

106 Which one of the following constitute the Trophic level I of the food chain ?
A Carnivores
B Herbivores
C Autosphere
D Omnivores

Answer: Option [C]
107 The term wildlife was used by William Hornaday for the first time in
A 1913
B 1923
C 1933
D 1943

Answer: Option [A]
108 Which one of the following have largest numbers in the trophic pyramids ?
A Carnivores
B Omnivores
C Herbivores
D Autotrophs

Answer: Option [D]
109 Which one of the following national park is situated in Uttarakhand ?
A Corbett National Park
B Gir National Park
C Kaziranga National Park
D Kanha National Park

Answer: Option [A]
110 In which one of the following states is Dachigam sanctuary located ?
A Rajasthan
B Haryana
C Uttar Pradesh
D Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: Option [D]

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