Biogeography - GK Questions and Answers for competitive exams on Geography | page-27

131 Which one of the following feed themselves on dead plant material
A Detritivores
B Carnivores
C Omnivores
D Herbivores

Answer: Option [A]
132 When was the Stockholm Environmental conference held
A 1962
B 1972
C 1982
D 1992

Answer: Option [B]
133 How much world’s total and surface is accounted by India
A about 2%
B about 6%
C about 8%
D about 15%

Answer: Option [A]
134 Which article of the Indian constitution directs the state govts. to project and improve the environment and safeguard and forests and wildlife ?
A Article 47 -A
B Article 48 -A
C Article 50 -A
D Article 51 -A

Answer: Option [B]
135 When was the first conference of parties to CBD (Convention of Biological Diversity) held ?
A 1997
B 1996
C 1995
D 1994

Answer: Option [D]

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