Climatology Short Questions and Answers | Geography Questions GkSeries

26 Trade winds are due to :
A Conduction
B Convection
C Radiation
D Scattering

Answer: Option [B]
27 Where does most of the weather phenomena take place ?
A Ionosphere
B Troposphere
C Stratosphere
D Thermosphere

Answer: Option [B]
28 The term Roaring Forties is related to the :
A Trade winds
B Planetary wind
C Westerlies
D Polar winds

Answer: Option [C]
29 Daily weather changes in the atmosphere are associated with :
A Troposphere
B Mesosphere
C Ionosphere
D Stratosphere

Answer: Option [A]
30 Trade winds blow from the :
A equatorial low pressure
B polar high pressure
C subtropical high pressure
D subpolar low pressure

Answer: Option [C]

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