Climatology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers | Geography Questions GkSeries

41 Blizzards are characteristic feature of :
A equatorial region
B tropical region
C Antarctic region
D temperature region

Answer: Option [C]
42 Which one of the following is not the example of planetary winds ?
A Monsoon
B Trade Wind
C Land and sea breezes
D Chinook

Answer: Option [D]
43 Depression formed due to deflating action of winds are called :
A Playas
B Yardang
C Ventifacts
D Sand dunes

Answer: Option [B]
44 In atmosphere the lowermost layer is :
A troposphere
B exosphere
C ionosphere
D stratosphere

Answer: Option [A]
45 Which one of the following represent the lines joining the places of equal rainfall ?
A Isohypses
B Isohalines
C Isobars
D Isohyets

Answer: Option [D]

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