General Awareness Questions with Answers on Climatology | Geography Questions GkSeries

66 The atmospheric layer farthest from the Earth’s surface is known as
A Stratosphere
B Ionosphere
C Exosphere
D Mesosphere

Answer: Option [C]
67 Which of the following phenomena is supposedly associated with global warming ?
A E1 Nino Modoki
B La Nino
C E1 Nino
D Southern Oscillations

Answer: Option [A]
68 Wind rose represents :
A wind data
B wind turbulance
C wind pressure
D wind temperature

Answer: Option [B]
69 Subtropical high pressure belts are otherwise called
A Roaring forties
B Screeching sixties
C Furious fifties
D Horse latitudes

Answer: Option [D]
70 Atmospheric temperature increasing at the higher altitudes is called
A Inversion
B Radiation
C Conduction
D Convection

Answer: Option [A]

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